Save Yourself from Kidney Stones

Save Yourself from Kidney Stones

Today, we all are familiar with Kidney Stones that are increasing day by day amid all age groups and are considered as the most painful urological problem, but no one can even think of associating it with the rise in temperature and humidity.

Apart from other reasons, Kidney Stones are also caused due to dehydration, which too increases due to the rise in temperature.

This happens because people lose more fluids through sweating but do not take enough water or other fluids to make up for the loss.

This decrease in water levels in the body ultimately leads to high concentrations of chemicals in urine, which increases the risk of the formation of Kidney Stones.

Prevention of kidney stones is the key! Changing the diet patterns can definitely help a person from keeping these away. Also, if you have kidney stones once, the probability is that you can have it again!

Keep a check on Temperature :

People who work in hot and humid temperatures or have an occupation wherein they cannot have enough water are more prone to develop Urinary Stones.

Specifically, even a 5-degree temperature rise due to changes in the climate can cause a 35% increase in formation of Kidney Stone problems.

Keep yourself Hydrated :

It is advisable to drink plenty of water to make up for the fluid loss during summers. Water intake should not be in one go. It should be divided into 7-8 working hours during the day.

A rough formula is a glass of water every hour. A rough formula is a glass of water every hour.

Many people do not drink much water so as to avoid public toilets in turn. This is because of unhygienic conditions. Drinking less water also leads to fatigue and dizziness.

Dietary Considerations :

Limiting protein, sodium, and phosphorus in the diet can avoid developing Kidney Stones.

Certain medication that aggravates Kidney disorders, such as Ibuprofen and some other painkillers should also be avoided. Caffeine consumption should also be limited.

Excess sodium intake paired with inadequate potassium intake increases your risk of kidney stone formation.

Excess sodium is linked to kidney stone formation because dietary salt increases urinary calcium, the main constituent in kidney stones.

A low sodium diet reduces your risk of kidney stone formation or further kidney damage from past injury.

Increasing citric acid rich food in diets such as lemons and oranges can help extra calcium in urine to bind with it and pass through urine.

However, decreasing calcium in the diet does not necessarily prevent calcium stones to occur. In fact, a calcium-rich diet can prevent urinary stones to form.

Extra vitamin C supplementation can also cause this.

Avoid Beer :

It is a common myth that beer dissolves Kidney Stones, but in fact, beer is a rich source of oxalate and uric acid which promotes its formation.

People suffering from Kidney Stones should avoid excessive intake of beer because when consumed in large quantities for long, it increases the level of acid in urine resulting in the formation of Kidney Stones.

Another reason is that beer contains stimulation of gastric acid secretion and rather causes acidity.

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