Best Urologists at Pushpanjali Hospital :

Best Urologists at Pushpanjali Hospital :

In terms of treating male and female urinary tract and male reproductive system disorders, our private urology service has a worldwide reputation with experts as Dr Madhu Sudan Agarwal, Dr Dilip Mishra and Dr Anurag Yadav.

All urological difficulties, including non-surgical ones like urinary tract infections, as well as surgical ones like cancer treatment, congenital anomaly repair, and stress incontinence management, may be addressed by our team.

Pushpanjali hospital and research centres urology department is one of India’s two major surgical treatment centres for urological issues.

Some of the most successful consultants in the nation make up the group. Whenever feasible, we want to minimize your hospital trips to a minimum by providing a one-stop shop for patients.

At Pushpanjali hospital, our urologists have a wealth of expertise diagnosing and treating urological disorders, such as:

1.            Bladder

2.            Kidneys

3.            Urethra

4.            Ureters

5.            Prostate (tubes that run from the kidney to the bladder)

6.            A urinary tract (the tube that carries urine from the bladder to where it leaves the body)

The following urology services are provided by our highly trained staff using state-of-the-art technology and innovative methods:

●            Infections of the urinary tract and obstructions (including blood in urine)

●            urinary tract malignancies (including prostate cancer and bladder cancer)

●            Male to female genital reconstruction surgery for kidney stones

●            the treatment of birth defects

●            mild prostatic hyperplasia

●            male infertility treatment after stress incontinence repair

Regular clinics for the following conditions are also held by us:

A one-stop haematuria (blood in the urine) and urology service for lower urinary tract symptoms such as enlarged prostates and bladder outflow obstructions (difficulty in urinating) trial without catheter (TWOC) for urological (kidney) stones, with on-site lithotripsy (stone destruction) service, is being offered.

The most advanced procedures in the world.

At the cutting edge of medical technology, we have a specially designed operating room for keyhole surgery, which reduces discomfort and recovery time for our patients.

Prostatectomy was also pioneered in the Agra at our facility. For minimally invasive treatments including radical prostatectomies and partial nephrectomies, we employ state-of-the-art facilities.

The Department of urology provides contemporary medical and surgical care in all aspects of adult and pediatric urology. It has a complete range of facilities to provide comprehensive services in the management of urological conditions.

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