Dr. Umesh Kumar Garg

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Dr. Umesh Kumar Garg

MBBS, MD, DM - Endocrinology (SMS Medical college, Jaipur) Head of Endocrinology Department

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First and only Endocrinologist in Agra at Pushpanjali Hospital & Research Centre. Superspecialist in treating Diabetes, Thyroid and Hormonal Diseases, I did my Endocrinology training from a premier high volume tertiary Health Care Institution, Sawai Man Singh Medical College, Jaipur.


• More than 15 years experience in managing Diabetes and Thyroid Patients.
• Senior Resident Endocrinology at SMS Hospital, Jaipur.
• Consultant Physician in Lifeline Hospital, Tijara road, Alwar, Rajsthan.
• Consultant Physician in Fortis Lifeline Hospital, Tijara road, Alwar (Lifeline Hospital taken over by Fortis Group.
• Consultant Physician in Sania Hospital, NEB, Subhash Nagar, Alwar, Rajsthan.
• Senior Consultant Physician in SSB Trauma Centre & PDS, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh.


  • Diabetes, Thyroid, Hormonal Disorders


MBBS, MD, DM – Endocrinology (SMS Medical college, Jaipur)

Areas of Expertise

OPD Timing

  • 10 am to 3 pm

Experience (in Years)

  • 16 Years

Doctor’s Services at Pushpanjali Hospital

• Diabetes (Type1, Type2, GDM, Monogenic and Secondary DM, Neonatal DM).
• Thyroidology (Hypothyroidism, Thyrotoxicosis, Nodules, Malignancy)
• Neuroendocrinology (Pituitary Tumors, Hypopituitarism, DI)
• Reproductive Endocrinology (Precocious Puberty, Delayed Puberty Hypogonadism, Hirsutism, Infertility, Menopause, PCOD).
• Parathyroid Disorders and Bone & Mineral Endocrinology.
• Pediatric and Adolescence Endocrinology (Incl. Short stature and other growth disorders)
• Adrenal & Cardiovascular Endocrinology (Endocrine Hypertension)
• Endocrine Oncology.
• Sports Endocrinology and Obesity.
• All Endocrine Emergencies (DKA, Hypoglycemia, Hypercalcaemic Crisis, Hypocalcemia, Thyrotoxic Storm, Adrenal Crisis, Pituitary Apoplexy)

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