Dr. Diptimala Agarwal

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Dr. Diptimala Agarwal

Senior Consultant Anaesthesiologist & Critical Care Specialist Head Intensive Care Unit Pushpanjali Hospital Agra MBBS DA DNB1 PGDHA FICCM

Emergency Cases

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Opening Hours

All Days :: 24 Hours

Working Experience

  1. Completed Diploma in Anaesthesiology from Christian Medical College & Hospital
    Ludhiana in June 1997
  2. Worked as Resident in Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital Parel Mumbai
    till Jan 1998
  3. Joined as DNB Resident in Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital Jaipur
    Feb 1998-Jan 2000
  4. Worked as an anaesthetist and Critical Care Specialist at Kamayani
    Hospital Agra (Feb 2000-Dec 2000), at Mangal Hospital (Jan 2001-2002), at
    Ram Raghu Hospital from Feb 2002, at Pushpanjali Hospital from Feb 2003-till date.


  • ICU



Areas of Expertise

OPD Timing


Experience (in Years)


Doctor’s Services at Pushpanjali Hospital

  1. Manned by Intensivist 24*7/ Trained staff bedside/Latest technology Equipment.
  2. Attending patients of Acute Medical cases -COPD / Asthma / Pneumonitis / Tropical fever-Complicated Malaria Dengue Shock.
    Surgical emergencies of acute abdomen/Laparotomy.
  3. Polytrauma -Head injury/Orthopedic intervention/CTVS Surgeon.
  4. Gastroenterology – Hematemesis / Chronic liver disease/Cirrhosis/Alcoholic encephalopathy.
  5. Poisonings-Organophosphorous/Celphos /Any poison /Drug overdose/Bites Snake/Scorpion.
    Severe Sepsis/Septic Shock.
  6. Neurological – Haemorrhage / Infarcts / Tumors.
  7. Nephrology -Chronic Kidney disease for emergency dialysis/SLED.
  8. Obstetric emergences/Post delivery complications.

Doctor’s Research, Workshop & Achievement

  1. FCCS Instructor | CTLS Instructor | IDCCM/IDCCN Teacher
  2. FICCM awardee 2019 | Executive committee member ISCCM 2012-2016
  3. Vice President ISCCM 2016-2017 | Chairman ISCCM Agra 2020-2022
  4. Regular speaker in National conferences

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