ICU (Critical Care)

The critical care department provides comprehensive care and life support services to patients who are critically ill and require intensive monitoring.
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Pediatric Care

The pediatric intensive care unit (ICU) provides tertiary level care and has a capacity of 16 beds. The unit imparts care to critically ill children between 1 month to 15 years of age who need ventilator support, multiple inotropic support, acute peritoneal dialysis etc., in addition to children with pre and post cardiac catheterization as well as pre and post pediatric surgery patients who need close hemodynamic monitoring.
The unit is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as modern ventilators and multichannel monitors and includes invasive and non-invasive pressure monitoring besides basic vital parameters. Ventilators can carry out invasive and non-invasive ventilation in critically ill children.
The unit is managed round the clock by dedicated and skilled pediatric nurses, resident doctors, and clinical associates/junior consultants. These personnel work in close association and under proper guidance of the consultant pediatric in-charge.
Senior members of staff counsel parents/relatives of critically ill children about their condition, likely outcome, long-term prognosis etc. which helps in maintaining transparency.

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Adult Care

The adult critical care services are spread over a number of intensive care units (ICUs) that are dedicated to provide compassionate intensive care to seriously ill patients. The well-staffed ICUs are located on Level 6 at Pushpanjali Hospital, Agra, where specially trained ICU staff ensures that all patients get the best medical care in a comfortable and cordial environment.

All ICUs are well-equipped with the most advanced technologies to treat patients suffering from a dysfunction of vital organs caused by acute conditions like infections, heart attack, stroke, renal failure, trauma, poisoning, drug overdose, and burns.

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